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London, November 25-26 2017 BID’s 29 International Quality Crown Convention Convention is part of BID’s Quality and Leadership Recognition Programs, created to promote the core principles of Quality Culture.

I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.

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Inside the tropical paradise that’s like something out of a James Bond movie, where a Trump associate had a secret meeting with a Russian and the Emirati crown prince

2 Hours Ago. VTB Bank President Andrey Kostin speaks about the Russian economy and the price of oil.

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The Russian Empire (Russian: Российская Империя) or Russia was an empire that existed across Eurasia and North America from 1721, following the end of the Great Northern War, until the Republic was proclaimed by the Provisional Government that took power after the February Revolution of 1917.

A traditional Russian wedding lasts for at least two days and some weddings last as long as a week. Throughout the celebration there is dancing, singing, long toasts, and a …

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HISTORY. The premiere performance of the Moscow Ballet “The Crown of Russian Ballet” took place on 12 August 2002. Founded by Anatoly Emelianov.

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The second season of The Crown wastes no time delving into the tensions in Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip‘s marriage by the mid-1950s. Episode one centers around an implied affair between Philip and a world-famous dancer. Ahead of Philip’s five-month tour aboard the royal yacht Britannia

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